Economic indicators for the Dutch Environmental Goods and Services Sector, Time series data for 1995-2009

In 2006, Statistics Netherlands carried out a pilot study on the EGSS (CBS, 2006). In this particularpilot study Statistics Netherlands focused mainly on activities belonging to the EnvironmentalProtection group. In 2008, in another project (CBS, 2008a), Statistics Netherlands explored theactivities that belong to the Resource Management group, which is also an important section of theEnvironmental Goods and Services sector. Statistics Netherlands, commissioned by the EuropeanCommunity, continued the research on the EGSS in 2009. The 2009 project bundles the two formerstudies and makes use of the methods and concepts developed in these two former studies. The goal ofthe 2009 assignment was to present consistent and over time comparable data for all activitiesbelonging to the Dutch EGSS in the period 1995-2007. This report is once more an update of the 2009 project. Data is available for the years 1995 until 2009 for the economic variables employment, value added and production. Data presented in this paper can also be downloaded via the website of Statistics Netherlands (statline)