List with definitions of the concepts used by CBS in their statistics. Using the same definitions throughout makes comparison of figures easier.

List of definitions


An event that occurs suddenly and involuntarily where an external cause leads to physical injury not caused by deliberate violence or food poisoning.


Space, both indoor and outdoor used for overnight stays for guests

Active inland fleet

All vessels participating in national and/or international shipping on inland waterways in a given year.

Actual collective consumption

The collective consumption that cannot be attributed to the benefit of individual households. Examples are Defence and Justice.

Acute injury

Injury incurred acutely in a recent accident.

Additives and oxygenates

Additions to oil products to modify fuel properties. These are chemical products derived from natural gas, crude oil of vegetable matter.

Adjustment on pension funds

Correction to express the change in the pension provisions that households own in terms of household savings. These pension provisions are considered receivables by households in the financial accounts and balances. The correction equals the pension premiums minus the pension benefits, so that households savings remain at the same level as when the pension provisions and benefits were not entered as income transactions. The correction is also made for the pension provisions for non-resident households with Dutch insurance companies. Of course the corrections are required in reverse for these insurance companies.

Administrative entry

Decision by a municipality, at the request of the person concerned, to include that person in its population while it has no knowledge of birth, immigration or establishment of that person from another municipality in the Netherlands.

See also: Administrative correction

Adult and Vocational Education Act (WEB)

Dutch act that came into force on 1 January 1996, aiming to co-ordinate the various types of secondary vocational education, apprenticeship system, adult general secondary education, adult basic education, Dutch as a second language, and sociocultural training. Another aspect is increasing the scope of education. This involves stimulating activities in companies.

Adult general secondary education

Education for adults at the secondary level, provided since 1993 at the lower and higher secondary levels (mavo, havo and vwo) and also for Dutch as a second language for highly educated people.

See also: , Adult education, Prevocational secondary education,

Advanced archive management studies

Training in archive management provided by the SOD, the foundation for teaching and exams in documentary information supply and administrative organisation.

Aerothermal heat

Heat from the outdoor air used for heating houses and commercial buildings by means of a heat pump.

A heat pump is a machine that transforms heat at a low temperature into
heat at a higher temperature using auxiliary energy (often electricity).

Age on 31 December

The number of whole years that have passed between someone’s date of birth and 31 December of the reference year.

Is calculated as the reference year minus the year of birth.

Agricultural area

Area used for horticulture under glass, grass land, gardening, arable land or orchard.

See also: Land use, classification


Sort of hard coal suitable for heating.

Through the stronger carbonization, anthracite has a higher quality than other hard coal. The calorific value of the ash free en wet product is greater than 24 megajoule per kilogram. The content of volatile matter of the ash-free and dry product is less than 14 percent.


Abbreviation of the Dutch law: General Survivors Pension Act (ANW).

See: General Survivors Pension Act (ANW)

Arable land

Land that can be used for growing crops.

Archive accessibility

The way in which an archive can be accessed: set opening hours, by appointment, both at opening hours and by appointment.

Archive administration Training A

Training in archivistics at the University of Amsterdam in cooperation with the Institute for archival training and research in Amsterdam.

Archive administration Training B

Training in archivistics at the University of Amsterdam in cooperation with the Institute for archival training and research in Amsterdam.

Archive function

The function of an institution or organisation, or its clerks, to preserve its own archives.

Archive location

Classification of archives by type: national, municipal, regional archives, archives by the water boards, municipal and water board clerks.

Archives in a good material state

Archives of such quality that the material can be consulted now and in the future (without treatment).

Area for public utilities

Area used for the public services such as town halls, police stations, and public utilities.

See also: Land use, classification

Area for retail trade and hotels and restaurants

Area used for concentrated retail trade and hotel and restaurant activities.

See also: Land use, classification

Area for social and cultural provisions

Area in use for social and cultural provisions such as hospitals, universities and museums.

See also: Land use, classification

Area used for transport

Area used for rail, road or air transport.

See also: Land use, classification


Light oil with a high content of aromatics destined as feedstock for the the petrochemical industry.

Aromatics are hydrocarbons with a closed
carbonchain (cyclic), like benzene, toluene and xylene.

Art student

Someone who has signed up for an arts course of maximally twenty weeks.

Artists Income Scheme Act (WIK)

The aim of the law is to provide financial support for a maximum of four years to beginning artists and/or artists with temporary reductions in income. Eligible for WIK benefits are all qualified artists in the creative, performing or applied arts who cannot (yet) provide for their own needs.

Arts education (amateurs)

Activity where arts and music are taught to amateurs.

Arts student

Someone who has signed up for a course in the arts of more than twenty weeks.

Arts teachers

People teaching courses in the arts schools.

Assisting in suicide

Deliberately helping someone end their life at their request.

Asylum seeker with a protected status

Asylum seeker whose request was granted.

See also: Asylum request, Asylum seeker

Automotive lpg

Motor fuel consisting of propane en butane.

Often, this is called lpg (liquefied petroleum gas). In summer, the proportion propane/butane is about 60:40, in winter 70:30.

Autumn (meteorologically)

September through November.

Autumn period (recreation)

October and November.

Average age

The arithmetic mean of all ages in the population.

Average annual kilometres abroad

The average number of kilometres per year travelled by a vehicle abroad (outside the Netherlands).

This concerns vehicles with a Dutch registration plate.

Average annual kilometres in the Netherlands

The average number of kilometres per year travelled by a vehicle in the Netherlands.

This includes vehicles with a Dutch registration plate.

Average household size

Average number of people in a private household.

Average mortgage rate

The average rate for all new mortgages on houses and home/commercial property combinations entered in the land register in the reporting period.

Average population

Half of the population at the start of a given period plus half of the population at the end of that period.

Average purchase value

The value of purchases divided by the quantity of purchased goods.

Average sales value

The value of sales divided by the quantity of goods sold.

Aviation gasoline

Fuel for aircrafts with a piston engine. These are often light aircrafts with a propeller.


Abbreviation of the Dutch law: Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ).

See: Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ)