Open data

What is open data?

Open Data is (government) data made available electronically in such a way that programmers can use them directly for various applications. Many new types of services and apps can be developed based on (combinations of) such data. These will often be apps for smartphones and tablets, but applications for personal computers or other devices can also be developed.

Dutch national data portal

The Dutch national data portal offers users an overview of all available and reusable datasets provided by Dutch government organisations, including StatLine and iv3 datasets.

How does Statistics Netherlands (CBS) provide open data?

CBS makes use of OData to provide open data. The Open Data Protocol (OData) is an open protocol which describes simple ways to create and consult RESTful APIs. The CBS website uses OData to provide datasets to third parties. They can retrieve information from the CBS website through a standard operation. More details on OData can be found at:

Which open data are available from CBS?

The following OData interfaces are available: