List with definitions of the concepts used by CBS in their statistics. Using the same definitions throughout makes comparison of figures easier.

List of definitions

Balance of administrative corrections

Administrative entries into minus administrative removals of personal data from the municipal population register.

See also: Administrative removal, Administrative entry

Balance of changes in nationality

People living in the Netherlands who have received the Dutch nationality other than by birth minus the people living in the Netherlands who have lost the Dutch nationality other than by death.

Balance of corrections (population)

The total balance of administrative and other corrections.

Statistics Netherlands carries out the other corrections because the information it receives about changes on personal data in the municipal population registers does not exactly match the difference between the size and composition of the population in two consecutive years.

Balance of payments

Systematic record of all economic transactions in a given period by Dutch residents with the rest of the world.

See also: Resident

Balance of provisions

The additions to provisions minus released provisions such as run-up and reconstitution funds, maintenance reserves, guarantee provisions, etc.

Balance sheet

A summary of a company's or country's assets, liabilities, and net worth. The assets include machinery, buildings and non-produced assets such as land and mineral reserves, accounts receivable and shares. The liabilities include debts and own funds.


State declared by the court when a debtor has ceased all payments after which the assets and income of the bankrupt are ceased as a possible compensation to the creditor(s).

See also: Legal entity, Public Prosecution Service

Basic holiday leave

The minimum number of days leave.

Extra days leave granted due to age, seniority etc. are not included.

Basic price

The selling price excluding trade and transport margins by third parties and the balance of product tax (including VAT) and product subsidies.

See also: Market price, Taxes on products, Subsidies on products, Production value (at basic prices)

Basic qualification

A diploma at the level of senior general secondary education (havo), pre-university education (vwo), or level-2 of senior secondary vocational education (mbo).


Declaration of the cause of death reported by a physician.


Bilateral transport

International transport of goods loaded or unloaded in the Netherlands with a foreign country of origin or destination.


Diesel produced from vegetable or animal matter used for transport. This includes pure vegetable oil.


Gas derived through active fermentation of organic material from sewage purification (sewage gas), landfill gas and other biomass fermentation.

Biogas from landfills

Gas derived through fermentation of waste from landfills.

Biogas from sewage water purification

Gas derived through active fermentation of organic material from sewage water purification.


Gasoline made of vegetable or animal matter.

Examples are bio-ethanol en bio-ETBE (ethyltertiairbutylether).


Fuel made from vegetable or animal matter.


Giving birth, including stillbirths.

Birth generation

A group of people born in the same year.

Birth interval

Time between two subsequent births from the same woman.

Birth order from the mother

The position of the child in the ranking of live births from a mother.


A solid, near solid or viscous hydrocarbon that remains as a residue from the oil refining process.

It is known as asphalt and is used in road-building and roof covering.

Blast furnace gas

Gas derived as by-product from the production of iron in blast furnaces.

Block or day release programmes

One of the two tracks in secondary vocational training introduced by the WEB (Adult and Vocational Education Act). In this track students spend 60 percent of their time of practical training within a company or institution.

Boarding house

An accommodation with places where people can sleep, mainly in single and double rooms, rented out. Meals, snacks and drinks may be provided only to the guests who stay there.

See also: Guest, Hotel, Transient


Bonaire has had the status of a "special municipality" of the Netherlands since 10 October 2010.

On the grounds of this new status as a "special municipality", Bonaire is officially recognised as a public body of the Netherlands.

Bonded warehouse

Storage space in the Netherlands for goods on which import duties and levies still have to be paid.

Border lake

Lake between former coast and polders between Hollandsebrug in Muiderberg, the Ketelbrug between Noordoostpolder and Oostelijk Flevoland, and the Ramspolbrug, Kattendiep and Keteldiep

See also: Land use, classification

Botanical garden

Garden laid out for study or experiments.

Botanical garden

Garden where indigenous plants and animals can be seen.

Botanical garden

General name for gardens accessible to the general public. These include hortuses, arboreta, pineta, herb gardens, museum gardens, model gardens, show gardens.

Brown coal (incl. sub-bituminous coal)

Coal with a calorific value less than 23,865 megajoule per kilogram and a content of volatile matter of more than 31 percent (ash-free dry weight).

Brown coal briquettes

Brown coal pressed into blocks.

Includes peat briquettes conform international agreements.

Building density

The surface of a built-up area expressed as a percentage of the land area.

Building intended for housing

A building which, from a construction perspective, is intended for permanent habitation.

Building permission

Permission granted to build or renovate a building as required by the law on housing.


Everything that is built and consists of walls and a roof, with a permanent character, intended for accommodation, trade, transport, and/or work. Not included are greenhouses and storage tanks.

See also: Built-up area

Built-up area

Area in use for housing, shopping, working, going out, culture and public facilities.

See also: Land use, classification

Built-up area

The sum of the surfaces of the vertical projection of buildings.

See also: Buildings


The loading of oil products for fuelling ships, and airplanes in border crossing traffic.

Apart from supplies from domestic sources these may be supplies from customs depots.

Burn-out complaints

Burn-out due to work is characterised by complaints of unusual fatigue and exhaustion.

These complaints are summarised as emotional exhaustion. Typical for burn out are the degree of detachment from the work and the sense of not being able to do the work properly.


Motor vehicle equipped for transporting nine or more passengers (excl. driver).

Business cycle

The up and downturns of the economy within a five to ten year period. Usually there are the following phases.: recovery, boom, recession, and depression.

Business services

SIC sections 72-74, which includes: - Computer services and information technology; - Research and development; - Other business services, including: - legal and administrative services; - architects and engineering consultancies; - advertising services; - temp agencies; - security and detection; - cleaning.


A hydrocarbon consisting of four carbon and ten hydrogen atoms (C4H10).