Blaise software

Blaise® is a computer-assisted interviewing (CAI) system and survey processing tool for the Windows® operating system. The system is being developed by Statistics Netherlands and has been designed for use in official statistics. It has developed itself over almost 30 years in one of the world market leaders in complex statistical survey software tools. Over more than 130 statistical institutes all over the world are using it. It is available to National Statistical Institutes and related research institutes. Please contact Statistics Netherlands to find out whether you are eligible for a license.

Blaise includes many capabilities that meet the demands of today's CAI surveys

  • "Out of the box" support for multi-mode surveys (CATI, CAPI, etc.) and survey processes like interactive data review and editing, batch data processing, weighing, etc.Proven interviewer interface with screen layouts that can be customized
  • Powerful but simple questionnaire definition language
  • Use the same Blaise instrument for any survey mode and for data review and editing
  • Convenient support for user-developed add-on components (DLLs and ActiveX)
  • Open system architecture that supports the integration of Blaise with non-Blaise systems and software
  • Comprehensive documentation

Blaise is used world-wide for a variety of research studies

  • Household surveys
  • Business and economic surveys
  • Health surveys
  • Labour force surveys
  • Energy/environment/agriculture surveys
  • Cross-sectional and longitudinal sample designs
  • Multi-mode surveys

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