Contact with Statistics Netherlands (CBS)
The various departments that can answer your questions are listed below.

Contact Center

For questions about your invitation to take part in a survey, please contact the CBS Contact Center.


For more information about CBS or its statistics, please contact CBS Infoservice.

Press Office

For press-related inquiries, please contact our Press Office.

Caribbean Netherlands

For more information about our work in the Caribbean Netherlands, please contact the local branch.

Microdata Services

For inquiries about conducting your own research with microdata, please visit Microdata services.

Additional Statistical Research

For inquiries about additional statistical research, please contact the department for Additional statistical research.

European Statistics

Please visit Eurostat for all European Statistics.

Open Government Act (WOO)

Please visit the following page for requests regarding disclosure of information under the Open Government Act (WOO).


If you are not satisfied with our service or wish to object to a decision made by Statistics Netherlands, please visit the following page to submit a complaint or an objection.
For requests for access to personal information or other questions regarding privacy, please visit our Privacy page.