Identification is obligatory for visitors. At the reception desk you will be asked to show an ID card, driving licence or passport.

 The Hague


 Visitors:  Visitors:
 Henri Faasdreef 312  CBS-weg 11
 2492 JP The Hague  6412 EX Heerlen
 Postal address:  Postal address:
 P.O. Box 24500  P.O. Box 4481
 2490 HA The Hague  6401 CZ Heerlen
 Telephone: +31 70 337 38 00  Telephone: +31 45 570 60 00
 (Excluding statistics-related questions)  (Excluding statistics-related questions)
 Route:  Route:
 Google maps / 9292  Google maps / 9292


At both locations parking facilities for visitors are limited. They cannot be booked in advance.

CBS – Caribbean Netherlands

The CBS office on Bonaire is the central location for collecting data and publishing statistics about the Caribbean Netherlands. The statistical information is analysed and processed at the two other offices: The Hague and Heerlen.


Kaya Gobernador Debrot 67
Kralendijk - Bonaire

+ (599) 7178 676