© Hollandse Hoogte / Ramon van Flymen

Dutch citizens are frequently asked to participate in one of our surveys. We mostly conduct these through (online) questionnaires and interviews by telephone and sometimes by interviewing people at home. This allows us to collect as much information as possible about different people and to produce reliable figures.

Would you like to know how it works when we call or visit you? CBS never calls or visits you by surprise.

CBS figures are indispensable for the Netherlands. The results of CBS surveys are used for Dutch society, for example:

  • Based on the price level monitored by CBS, the Dutch government adjusts the amounts of social benefits such as unemployment (WW) and child benefits.
  • How much the Netherlands receives in funds from the EU is partly determined on the basis of CBS data.
  • Is there a need for new-build homes in the coming years? Is it necessary to build new roads? How to ensure new schools are built in time? The government uses CBS data to decide on this.

Your answers are valuable to us!