List with definitions of the concepts used by CBS in their statistics. Using the same definitions throughout makes comparison of figures easier.

List of definitions

Water area between the Wadden islands, the IJsselmeer dam, and the coasts of North Holland, Friesland and Groningen.

See also: Land use, classification

Subsidy on the total wage sum or the number of employees. Or subsidies for employing certain categories of people, such as physically disabled or long-term unemployed people. Also subsidies on the cost of training organised by enterprises.

Regulation allowing employers to be exempt from having to pay the legal minimum wage or the normal collective labour agreement wage to employees who perform clearly below the required level due to illness or disability.

Wage changes due to extra payments, bonuses for excellence, a tight job market etc.

A reduction in the pay increases of contractual wages. The main reason is to use the money saved to create new jobs or limit reductions.

The total of wages and social premiums paid by employers. Use for: Compensation of employees.

All payments made in cash or in kind to employees, except wages during illness, redundancy payments and compensation for health insurance premiums.

The compensation for the employee who has worked in a given period and which is payable by the employer, including the wage tax and social premiums paid by the employer on behalf of the employee.

See also: Labour costs

The wages employees earn (as opposed to collective labour agreement wages).

Wages paid for hours of leave, holidays and short absences.

The value of all goods and services supplied by employers to employees.

Wages paid in full for hours worked by the employee beyond the normal working hours.

Abbreviation of the Dutch Law: Disablement Benefits Act (WAO).

See: Occupational Disability Insurance Act (WAO)

Total surface of water inland and open, excluding inland waterways of less than six metres wide, marshes, salt marshes, swamps, reedy lands etc.

See also: Land use, classification

Public body to which the law on water boards applies.

An archive of various water boards brought together in a common building and managed by an archivist.

Area used for water storage.

See also: Land use, classification

Levy on the supply of tap water payable by the user.

Overall term for the tax on tap water and ground water and tax on the use of municipal land. The latter is levied for some but not other water companies. Ground water tax is levied when groundwater serves as the basis for tap water.

Every navigable waterway for inland shipping in the Netherlands. These are inland waterways including the Oosterschelde and Westerschelde, and excluding the North Sea and the Wadden Sea.

Abbreviation of the Dutch law: Self-employed Persons Disablement Benefits Act (WAZ).

See: Disablement act for the self-employed (WAZ)

Wealth equals assets minus liabilities. Assets are mainly bank balances, shares, real estate, and business capital. Liabilities include debts incurred for the home and consumer credit. Own homes and other real estate are valued at market value.

Abbreviation of the Dutch law: Adult and Vocational Education Act (WEB).

See: Adult and Vocational Education Act (WEB)

The number of working hours a week as stated in the employment contract. This includes ADV hours (the additional paid leave as a consequence of shorter working hours) but not ADV compensation in the form of days off.

Coal and oil products are measured both in kilograms and in cubic metres of natural gas equivalents.

Calculating weight from volume units of oil products:
- LPG: 1 litre = 0.53 kilogram;
-Naphtha: 1 litre = 0.75 kilogram;
- Oil-aromatics: 1 litre = 0.75 kilogram;
- Aviation fuel: 1 litre = 0,80 kilogram;
- Motor fuel: 1 litre = 0.745 kilogram;
- Other light oils: 1 litre = 0.75 kilogram;
- Petroleum: 1 litre = 0.79 kilogram;
- Gas, diesel, light fuel oil: 1 litre = 0.84 kilogram;
- Heavy fuel oil: 1 litre = 0,96 kilogram;
- Lubricants: 1 litre = 0.88 kilogram.

Calculating weight from cubic metres of natural gas equivalents:
- LPG: 1 m3 ae = 0.700 kilogram;
- Natural gas: 1 m3 = 0,829 kilogram;
- Other gas: variable dependent on composition.

The water land inwards from the imaginary line between Vlissingen (Flushing) and Breskens.

See also: Land use, classification

Cluster of municipalities per area of cooperation according to the WGR.

Specific light oil for use in amongst others the paint industry.

White spirit has the same properties as turpentine which is extracted from

Light oil destined for use as solvent or cleaner.

Marital status resulting from death ending a legal marriage or registered partnership.

See also: Marital status

Marital status resulting from death ending a registered partnership.

See also: Marital status

Ending a legal marriage or registered partnership by the death of one of the spouses/partners.

See also: Marital status, Marriage dissolution

Energy generated by a wind turbine.

December through February.

October through April.

Area in use as woods, dry or wet open natural area.

See also: Land use, classification

Dutch law that came into force on 1 January 2004 providing social assistance. It replaces the National Assistance Act (ABW) and the

Term used in the agriculture survey for someone working in an agricultural business.

Employee who is available for work on call and who does not have a fixed number of working hours.

The section of the population of working age .

See also: Labour force (12-hours threshold), Population, Not in the labour force

The number of hours someone works in a normal or average working week.

Working in a system where the working hours of two or more groups of employees (of about equal numbers) follow or slightly overlap.

The monthly average of the daily prices ( the average of the highest and lowest daily rate) that was actually paid on the spot and futures markets for energy.

Abbreviation of the Dutch property value (WOZ).

See: Property value (WOZ)