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The Dutch economy is in a constant state of flux. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) makes these changes visible and understandable for you. We do this, wherever possible, by using data already available from other (government) agencies such as the Tax and Customs Authorities.

However, providing an accurate picture of the economy inevitably means we also need to collect data from enterprises. We do our utmost to make this process as easy as possible for entrepreneurs, including you.

Your data are valuable input we use to compile overviews of economic growth, price developments, investments, turnover results and employment. Such data in return provide interesting information you can use to operate your business.


  1. Annual / Production statistics
  2. CBS-DNB Finances of Enterprises and Balance of Payments
  3. COEN Business Survey Netherlands
  4. International Trade in Goods
  5. International trade in services IDEP
  6. Investments
  7. Monthly survey
  8. National Accounts Caribbean Netherlands
  9. Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics
  10. Prodcom
  11. Production statistics (RGS)
  12. Statistics of Finances of Enterprises