List with definitions of the concepts used by CBS in their statistics. Using the same definitions throughout makes comparison of figures easier.

List of definitions

Obtaining the Dutch nationality by recognition, adoption, option and naturalisation (individual or co-naturalisation).

Obtaining the Dutch nationality by non-Dutch children whose adoption is granted by a Dutch, Netherlands Antillean or Aruban judge, who have at least one Dutch adoption parent.

Obtaining the Dutch nationality by people who are allowed to opt for the Dutch nationality based on article 6 of the citizenship law (Rijkswet op het Nederlanderschap 2000) changed most recently on 1 April 2003.

Obtaining the Dutch nationality of non-Dutch children who are recognised by a Dutch father before they reach adulthood or who become legitimate due to his marriage.

The set of tasks and work that are part of someone’s job.

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The law entitles employees who become disabled to a benefit replacing their wages when they become long-term disabled, e.g. for more than one year.

Protecting and improving the health of employees when related to the relationship employees have with their work and working environment.

Safety, health and welfare service for employees, as laid down in the Dutch Arbowet.

A punishable act, either a misdemeanour or criminal offence.

See: Criminal offence

Liquid fossil fuel containing of chains of hydrocarbons.

Crude oil is extracted from nature. In refineries, crude oil is transformed into
various oil products.

Household in which only one partner earns an income.

See also: Income earner

Every dwelling that forms the entire property. This includes detached houses, semi-detached houses, farms with dwellings and all terraced houses.

Private household consisting of one person.

See also: Single

Household moving within the Netherlands, remaining the main occupant of a dwelling.

The water between Oosterscheldekering, Grevelingendam, Philipsdam and Oesterdam.

See also: Land use, classification

Open area with a dry surface with nature as its main function.

See also: Land use, classification

Water outside the average high water level and the IJsselmeer.

See also: Open water (land use)

Water outside the average high water level.

See also: Land use, classification, Open water (GF, Fvw)

Open area with a wet surface with nature as its main function.

See also: Land use, classification

An employment contract which does not specify a fixed period of time or a final date of employment, except a retirement date.

See also: Labour contract, Labour contract for a fixed period of time

The costs made to achieve the operating profits, that is the purchase value of the turnover, labour costs, and depreciation on assets, and other business expenditure.

See also: Operating returns, Operating results, Other operating costs

Operating returns minus operating costs.

Operating revenues minus operating costs.

See also: Operating costs, Operating returns

The results from normal business activities, this is the sales of goods and services, the value of stock changes, the activated production for the company, subsidies and damage claims.

See also: Operating results, Other revenues

The financial revenues minus the financial expenditure. The revenues come from interest, investment income, participations, dividends and other financial revenues. The expenditure consist of interest paid, loans, loss in participations and investments.

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Value added after subtraction of employees' remuneration and net payments of /revenues from product-related taks and subsidies, e.g. property taks and motor vehicle taks.

A terminable contract to grant/ obtain the use of an independent tangible asset during a given period in exchange for periodic payment. The lease company remains the owner of the asset.

The total organised labour force, i.e. all trade union members.

A holiday for which lodging and/or transport was booked through a travel agency or tour operator, the national motorist organisation ANWB, a bank, post office, tourist office, department store, a booking agency of a chain of hotels or holiday cottages.

Garden with ornamental plants.

Agricultural area not in use for horticulture under glass, such as grass, garden, or building areas or orchards.

See also: Land use, classification

Gas mainly derived through active fermentation of organic material from waste water purification in manufacturing industries and fermentation of organic waste at farms

(mainly manure and vegetable waste).

Blends of propane and butane not used as automotive lpg.

Other capital transfers are capital transfers that cannot be characterised as investment grants or as capital taxes.

See also: Investment grants, Capital transfer, Capital taxes

This transaction includes all transactions not mentioned before, which do not have the character of a capital transfer.

This concerns particularly the current transfers within the general government.

See also: Current transfers, Capital transfer

Private household with members who are not partners, parents or children living at home.

See also: Household position, Household composition

Someone forming a private household without being a partner, parent in a single family household, or child living at home.

See also: Household position

Crude oil from other sources.

Examples are synthetic crude oil from tar sands and oil from transformation of coal and natural gas.

Inland water over six metres in width, that does not come under any other category of land use.

See also: Land use, classification

A medium heavy oil with a distillation range between 150 and 300 degrees Celsius used in sectors other than aviation.

Also known as paraffin.

This category includes costs and payments for activities like licenses, copyright, royalties, lease and rent of software, overhead costs and taxes, office supplies, etc.

Private household consisting of a single parent family or couple with adult children living at home, or a single parent family or couple with under age children living at home and other household members.

See also: Household composition

Private household consisting of a couple without children living at home with other household members or a private household with just other household members (no couple)..

See also: Household composition

Other oil products, including white spirit and special gasoline and mineral waxes

This category includes the costs of energy, housing, machinery and equipment, inventory, etc, transport, sales and promotions, communication, costs of services provided by third parties and other costs not classified elsewhere.

Since 2006 the ‘Other personnel costs’ are included in the group ‘Personnel costs’.

The sum of the energy costs, transport costs, housing costs, costs of machinery, inventory, installations etc, other personnel costs, sales costs, communication costs, service costs and other costs not specified elsewhere.

Since 2006 the ‘Other personnel costs’ are included in the group ‘Personnel costs’

See also: Operating costs

Other personnel costs This category includes: - payments for temporary workers and staff on secondment; - costs of schooling and training; - recruitment and selection costs; - canteen costs; - costs for health and safety provisions; - costs for work clothes; - anniversary celebrations, etc.

These are benefits paid by employers out of special reserves, which are segregated from their other reserves.

These are contributions to private social schemes excluding pension schemes. The contributions to these schemes can be derived in the same way as the contributions to pension schemes.

Revenues that are not part of net turnover.

These are: -the value of changes in stock, including work in progress; payments for personnel on loan; activated production for the company; subsidies and export restitutions; compensation for damages.

See also: Operating returns

A person who works for their own account and risk, but not in their own company or as a contributing family worker. This category contains for example people with result from other labour like freelancers.

See also: Self-employed person

This category includes: - contributions to health insurance; - costs of staff relocation and housing; - costs of child care, etc.

Subsidies on production that are not directly related to the volume or value of the products sold. These are mainly wage subsidies.

See also: Subsidies on products

Taxes on production payable by the producers regardless of the volume or value of the products sold.

See also: Taxes on production

Residual vegetable matter derived from industrial processes (mainly paper manufacturing) or agriculture waste (straw, peelings from coffe beans and the like).

Debit balance on the last day of the month on the current accounts of private individuals.

Flight that takes off at one airport and lands at another.

Each night a guest spends in an accommodation in so far as this is not a permanent guest in a holiday or boarding house, or someone who permanently rents a chalet or camp site in a camping ground.

Hours worked extra over and above the normal working hours and fully paid.

An employer who bears the risk of sickness benefits insurance, with approval of the industrial insurance board.

In possession of a driver's licence for cars.

Owner of a company who is on the payroll of the own company as a director.

See also: Self-employed person

Ownership refers to all purchases of new or second hand material fixed assets that became available for production during the reporting year and will be used for more than one year, that were obtained through purchase, buying in instalments, financial lease or by producing it within the company, excluding operational lease.