Outward Foreign Affiliates Statistics

Many enterprises have subsidiaries abroad. How many subsidiaries are there? What is the average turnover? To answer these and other questions, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) collects data.

Delivery of data

Have you been invited to submit data? You can find the posted  letter here. 

You can fill in the data via a secure internet connection and send it to us. To open the internet questionnaire, go to https://antwoord.cbs.nl. The username and password are stated in the letters you have received. Have you lost your login codes? request a new password.

Via an upload function you can also upload the data from a CSV file in one go into the questionnaire. More information on how this works can be found here: Import instruction OFATS.

Questionnaire changes

A number of questions in the questionnaire have been changed:

  • From the 2020 statistical year on, in addition to data from foreign subsidiaries outside the EU, data is also requested from subsidiaries within the EU.
  • We now ask for the 'number of employees' instead of the number of 'FTEs'.
  • Finally, data is now also requested on personnel costs and gross investments in tangible fixed assets.


Nederlandse zeggenschap bedrijven buiten EU-zone; land en SBI 2008 (cbs.nl) (Only in Dutch)


For questions please contact the CBS Contact Center