Your Enterprise in International Value Chains

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To what extent are business activities organised at the international level? And what impact has this had on the Dutch labour market? These are the questions that Statistics Netherlands (CBS) investigates once every three years in its survey entitled Your Company in International Value Chains.

Your Company in International Value Chains examines themes such as doing business internationally, relocating business activities abroad and the impact of recent events. This includes the impact of pandemics, wars and environmental policies on economic globalisation, for instance.

The results of this survey are important for policymakers, who can use the information obtained to respond to changes in the labour market, for example. This can also benefit your business.

Submission of data

Have you been invited to submit data? You can fill in the data via a secure internet connection and submit them to us. To open the online questionnaire, go to
The user name (gebruikersnaam) and password (wachtwoord) are stated in the letters you have received. If you have lost your login details, you can request a new username and/or password.

Even if your company mainly does business within the Netherlands, we still ask you to complete the questionnaire. This is because your company may have indirect connections with markets abroad.

Obligatory data delivery

As required by the Statistics Netherlands’ law, Statistics Netherland uses as much data as possible from other institutions' files. We examine the usability, timeliness and completeness of the data. If the files do not contain the required data or do not contain it in time, we may request the data from businesses. Under the Law, you are obliged to deliver the requested data on time, completely and free of charge. Failure to do so may cost you money via a fine or an order subject to penalty . More information on the obligation and enforcement can be found at

Research results

You can find the dashboard showing the most up-to-date figures on companies in the Netherlands at the top of this page (under ‘Direct to’). The dashboard provides information such as the number of companies in each sector and region, figures on turnover, and the latest survey results on expected turnover, employment and investments.

For the survey results on the activities of Dutch companies abroad, please see the ‘Relevant links’ section below.

More information and contact

You can find more information in the frequently asked questions link (top right). If you cannot find what you are looking for and would like to contact Statistics Netherlands (CBS) or arrange matters online, please consult our Contact Centre page.

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