International Trade in Goods

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) publishes monthly figures on international trade in goods. These figures provide insight into the trade in goods between the Netherlands and other countries. They are of great importance for determining the gross domestic product. In addition, the results indicate an understanding of the competitive position of the Netherlands compared to other countries.


For information on International Trade in Goods (ITG) up to the reporting period (December) 2021, go to: International Trade in Goods 2021.


 Below you will find information that applies to the reporting period as of January 2022.

Data submission

Go to https://antwoord.cbs.nl to submit the data. The letters you received from Statistics Netherlands contain your username and password for logging in to the application. If you lost your access codes, please request new codes here.

Submitting data via Internet Explorer

Please note that as of the 15th of June the web browser 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' is no longer supported. We therefore ask you to submit the data via Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or a different web browser.

Code lists and the table Changes in commodity codes

You can use the code lists and the table Changes in commodity codes for 2022 to make a declaration relating to 2022.

Method of submission

The submission of data takes place via the online application IDEP+. It is possible to fill in the data manually in the declaration, but you can also import the data. This is useful when you want to enter a large number of records at the same time. In IDEP+ import templates are available for this purpose. It is also possible to create your own import templates.

You will find more information in the manual: Manual_Statistical_Declaration_ITG_2022
For more information on importing data, please refer to the following page: Importing data in IDEP+ 2022 

[video: https://www.cbs.nl/en-gb/video/5f04b0991b3f48a4a1da4f69bbf4146d] 

[video: https://www.cbs.nl/en-gb/video/204c7b537ce042108de85d20a6caa00f]

Changes as of January 2022

Due to the new European regulation for business statistics (Regulation (EU) 2019/2152) and the improvement of our processes and systems, there have been some changes for International Trade in Goods (IHG) as of the reporting period January 2022. On the following page you will find more information: Changes ITG as of January 2022.

Test report

If you did have a reporting obligation for 2021, you received a letter from us with login details to make a test report. So you could prepare for the changes as of the reporting period 2022.


You can find the results of the research on the theme page on International trade and in the dossier on globalisation.


Do you have technical questions about ITG (login data, templates, etc.)? Please contact the technical helpdesk of the CBS Contact Center. Do you have other questions or do you want to report a change? Please use the general web form ITG or the specific forms ITG. Or go to page: CBS Contact Center.