Dutch Trade in Facts and Figures, 2020

Dutch Trade in Facts and Figures 2020 – Exports, investment and employment provides current and relevant information about the state of internationalisation in the Netherlands such as exports of goods and services, export earnings, export induced employment, as well as foreign direct investment, multinational activity and female international entrepreneurship until 2019; for 2020 a separate corona box provides some additional indicators.
Dutch Trade in Facts and Figures is an annual publication with key economic data and indicators; it contains many time series, mainly at a high macro or meso level, with a few topics specifically focused on priorities taken from the Dutch government's foreign trade agenda.

This publication meets the need for quick access to the most important data on the internationalisation of the Dutch business economy and wider economy. Dutch Trade in Facts and Figures has been developed by the Expertise Centre for Globalisation at Statistics Netherlands on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Each chapter in this publication is accompanied by a set of tables, which can be found below.