MBW en SDG's 2024

Monitor Well-Being and the SDG's 2024

The Monitor Well-Being and the Sustainable Development Goals 2024 describes the well-being of the people living in the Netherlands now, and the extent to which this is achieved at the cost of the well-being of future generations and of people living in other countries. In addition, it describes how well-being is distributed among different population groups, as well as how able the Netherlands is to resist a major shock.

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Dimensions of well-being

Well-being here and now

How is the quality of life and the living environment in the Netherlands?

Well-being later

What is the state of the resources that future generations need for their well-being?

Well-being elsewhere

What are the consequences of our well-being for people in other countries?

In depth

Sustainable Development Goals

How is well-being from the perspective of the UN's SDG's?

Distribution of well-being

How large are the differences in well-being here and now between population groups?


How resilient is well-being in the Netherlands against a major shock (such as a pandemic)?