Turnover accommodation and food services remains virtually the same in Q4

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At 0.1 percent, turnover in the accommodation and food services sector hardly increased in Q4 relative to Q3, as reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The volume (turnover adjusted for price changes) decreased by 1.3 percent.

With Q4, the annual figure for 2022 has also become available. In 2022, turnover in accommodation and food services grew by 53.0 percent compared to 2021. The strong growth in 2022 is partly related to the coronavirus measures in 2021 and the major price increases.

Turnover accommodation and food services (seasonally adjusted)
YearQuarterTurnover (2015=100)Volume (turnover adjusted for price changes) (2015=100)
2016Quarter 1103.6101.9
2016Quarter 2104.2102.6
2016Quarter 3108.2105.2
2016Quarter 4108.3104.8
2017Quarter 1110.5105.7
2017Quarter 2112.6106.8
2017Quarter 3113.9106.9
2017Quarter 4115.5108.1
2018Quarter 1117.8109
2018Quarter 2120.8111.2
2018Quarter 3121.1110.7
2018Quarter 4123.5112.5
2019Quarter 1122.61111.4
2019Quarter 2125.01111.9
2019Quarter 3125.75112.3
2019Quarter 4128.1114.4
2020Quarter 1109.797.2
2020Quarter 253.1
2020Quarter 3109.495.5
2020Quarter 461.352.7
2021Quarter 159
2021Quarter 28169
2021Quarter 3124.3105.2
2021Quarter 4102.385.2
2022Quarter 1112.791.4
2022Quarter 2147.9117.9
2022Quarter 3151.6117.7
2022Quarter 4151.7116.2
* volume figures 2020-II and 2021-I unknown or insufficiently reliable

Less turnover for hotels

Seasonally adjusted turnover in accommodation services, including hotels and holiday parks, fell by 3.3 percent in Q4 2022 relative to Q3. Hotels had 4.9 percent less turnover than in the previous quarter. The turnover of other accommodation services, including holiday parks and campsites, increased by 1.1 percent. The volume (turnover adjusted for price changes) in accommodation services decreased by 2.7 percent. The volume for both hotels and other accommodation services declined.

Turnover of food and beverage outlets increased by 1.4 percent compared to the previous quarter. Fast food restaurants (including snack bars and cafeterias) recorded the strongest growth: 1.9 percent. Canteens and catering, and restaurants achieved 1.1 and 0.6 percent more turnover respectively. Turnover of cafés, however, decreased by 1.5 percent. The volume of food and beverage outlets declined by 0.8 percent. Cafés and restaurants saw a decrease in volume, while fast food restaurants and canteens and catering recorded an increase.

Turnover accommodation and food services (seasonally adjusted), Q4 2022
 change (quarter-on-quarter % change)
Accommodation services (total)-3.3
Other accommodation services1.1
Food and beverages services (total)1.4
Fast-food restaurants4.8
Canteens and catering1.1

Turnover accommodation and food services up by 53 percent in 2022

The accommodation and food services sector achieved 53.0 percent more turnover in 2022 than in 2021. All underlying branches realised higher turnover. Turnover was also up (13.5 percent) compared to pre-pandemic 2019. However, this was due to price increases. Last year, the volume was still almost 1 percent lower than in 2019.

The substantial growth in 2022 was partly related to the coronavirus measures in 2021. The accommodation and food services sector was affected by this for a large part of that year. In addition, the inflation rate reached a record high in 2022 at an average of 10.0 percent. Although the accommodation and food services sector also still suffered from coronavirus restrictions in 2022, this was considerably less than in 2021.

Turnover accommodation and food services
Year% change (year-on-year % change )

Largest increase for hotels and cafés

In 2022, hotels almost doubled their turnover compared to 2021. Holiday park rental companies and campsites recorded a turnover increase of nearly 16 percent. The turnover increase at cafés was over 79 percent in 2022. Restaurants achieved over 56 percent more turnover year on year. Canteens and catering recorded almost 51 percent more turnover than one year previously and fast food restaurants recorded a year-on-year turnover increase of almost 26 percent.

Turnover accommodation and food services, 2022
 Compared to 2021 (year-on-year % change)
Accommodation and food services (total)53
Accommodation services (total)63.6
Other accommodation services15.7
Food and beverages services (total)49.4
Canteens and catering50.7
Fast-food restaurants25.9