Overnight guest numbers nearing pre-pandemic levels

The revamped city of Zaandam
© ANP / Berlinda van Dam
In 2022, the number of guests staying in Dutch overnight accommodations increased by 40 percent year on year, to 44 million. This is roughly at the level before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The number of foreign guests and the number of guests staying in hotels rose in particular. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this based on new, provisional figures.

Guests at Dutch overnight accommodations
GastenDomestic (x million)Foreign (x million)
* Provisional figures

Tourists at Dutch overnight accommodations in 2022 spent a total of 127.8 million nights. This is a year-on-year increase of 26 percent and 4 percent more than in 2019, the year with the most overnight stays so far.

Hotels received 60 percent more guests

Last year, 28 million tourists stayed overnight in Dutch hotels, an increase of 60 percent relative to 2021 but just below the level of pre-pandemic year 2019. Holiday parks (including bungalows and mobile homes) received nearly 10 million guests and campsites almost 5 million, i.e. a year-on-year increase of 11 and 13 percent respectively. This means holiday parks and campsites attracted more guests than in 2019. Group accommodations recorded 1.5 million guest arrivals last year, 66 percent more than in 2021.

Guests at Dutch overnight accommodations, by type of accommodation
CategorieHotels (x million)Holiday parks (x million)Campsites (x million)Group accommodations (x million)
* Provisional figures

More foreign guests but still below pre-pandemic level

In 2022, the number of foreign guests rose by 150 percent year on year, to 16 million. This is below the level of 2019. Holiday parks recorded 121 percent growth, while hotels saw an increase of 166 percent.

Hotels and group accommodations not only received more foreign guests last year but also more domestic guests. Campsites and holiday parks, on the other hand, reported a decline in foreign guest arrivals. Nevertheless, these accommodations still attracted more domestic guests than before the coronavirus crisis.

Development of guests at Dutch overnight accommodations, 2022*
CategorieChange relative to 2021 (%)Change relative to 2019 (%)
Holiday parks
Group accommodations
* Provisional figures

More overnight tourists across all provinces

The number of guests staying in overnight accommodations grew in all provinces last year. Growth was highest in Noord-Holland and lowest in Zeeland. Also relative to 2019, most provinces received more overnight guests. A lower number was seen mainly in Noord-Holland and Groningen, compared to the last pre-pandemic year.

Development of guests at Dutch overnight accommodations, by province, 2022*
ProvincieChange relative to 2021 (%)Change relative to 2019 (%)
Noord-Holland 91.59-18.67
Utrecht 43.1917.87
Zuid-Holland 42.34-0.56
Noord-Brabant 39.726.70
Groningen 33.89-10.57
Limburg 26.791.45
Flevoland 26.5511.04
Drenthe 22.564.89
Overijssel 15.987.54
Fryslân 15.7013.03
Gelderland 13.232.27
Zeeland 12.646.28