Your colleagues

At CBS, you will find people with different backgrounds working closely together: economists and software engineers, but also mathematicians, physicists, biologists, medical practitioners and 

chemists. What they all have in common is a focus on research results of outstanding quality.

Irene, Statistical Researcher


Irene Kuin running outside
© Marco de Swart

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Ellen - Director of Demographic and Socioeconomic Statistics

Ellen with het pigs
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Cas, Data Scientist

Cas bouldering on a artificial rock wall
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Bram, Configuration Manager

Bram with a kid wearing VR-glasses
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Yuri, Statistical Researcher, Region & Spatial planning

Yuri running in front of a row of windmills
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Rik, Front-end developer - editing & content team

Arbeidsmarktcampagne met CBS-medewerker Rik Verhulst
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