I warm up to reliable data.

Irene - Statistical Researcher
Irene  - Statistical Researcher at CBS, running
© Marco De Swart
I warm up to reliable data. And not just to data. About four times a week, I’m in my running shoes to clear my head.
After completing my master's degree in Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente, I decided to send an open application to Statistics Netherlands. Since February 2021, I have been working as a statistical researcher in the team Socioeconomic Statistics and am involved in various projects, including the Census. The Census is our oldest official statistic and takes place once every ten years in all EU countries. And that is always in a year ending with a 1. Within a census year, the countries themselves may choose the reference date. For the Netherlands, we use January 1st. The census tables in The Netherlands are compiled on the basis of administrative and survey data available at CBS. This means no questionnaires are sent out specifically for the Census, as is still the case in most European countries.

I work on several projects and in various teams, which makes the work varied and gives me the opportunity to take on different roles. One moment I'm programming and the next I study a data analysis or develop statistical methods. This allows me to constantly develop my skills.