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5 results for keyword:social inequality
5 results for keyword:social inequality

CBS and UvA in collaboration to solve social problems

It sounds like science fiction: a ‘digital twin’ of society that policy-makers can use to resolve complex social problems.


Well-being stable despite coronavirus, but nature under pressure

The year 2020 was defined by the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 is confirmed to have claimed 17.4 thousand lives in the Netherlands last year, and another 2.7 thousand deaths had covid-19 as probable...


Women’s emancipation: a slow process

Women work fewer hours, earn lower incomes. More women in top civil sector and commercial sector positions.


Emancipation Monitor 2016

Women nowadays are more highly educated, up to age 45 even more highly educated than men.


Monitor of Well-being and the Sustainable Development Goals 2023

Summary of the Monitor of Well-being and the SDGs 2023 with an overview of trends, the position of the Netherlands in the EU27 and the most recent developments in well-being ‘here and now’, ‘later’...