Your Enterprise in International Value Chains



  1. What should I do when the activities of my company have ended (e.g. bankruptcy, merger)?
  2. How should I submit the survey when my business is a holding or management company.
  3. Why do I receive a questionnaire?
  4. What happens to the data collected by Statistics Netherlands?
  5. Am I required to provide data?
  6. How did CBS get my address?
  7. Where can I find out more about taking part in a CBS survey?
  8. What is the deadline for completing and returning the survey?
  9. Who is the best person in your business to complete this survey?
  10. Is my privacy protected?
  11. I do not see a window to enter the user number and access code.
  12. I have filled out the questionnaire and sent it. Why do I get a reminder by letter?
  13. How can I change my contact details, e.g. address, place or contact person?