Consolidated reporting

Surveys regarding companies and institutions that are made up of a group of companies

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) is obliged to make as much use as possible of information that is already available from other government institutions. That is why we will make more use of the data on ownership relationships from the Tax and Customs Administration. For companies consisting of several private limited companies BVs , general partnerships VOFs , etc., this may affect the completion of certain CBS surveys.

If your company or institution consists of several BVs, VOFs, etc., CBS asks you to complete its surveys about all these so-called group companies together, as one. We call this consolidated reporting.

From 2010, in the delineation of your group, more use will be made of data about ownership relationships from the Tax and Customs Administration in addition to data from the Chambers of Commerce.

If you often fill in surveys for Statistics Netherlands, the list of group companies may be slightly different than the one you are used to because of this tax administration information. You may therefore need to make additional preparations to be able to fill in the surveys correctly.