Annual / Production statistics

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Statistics Netherlands publishes figures on revenues, costs, production, personnel and employment of the business sector in the Netherlands. Figures that are important to determine economic growth. We conduct an annual survey for these figures. That is the Production Statistics. Data on large and small companies, including the self-employed, are indispensable for this. In recent years, the number of small companies and the self-employed has increased, making their participation even more important. We publish the survey results by industry so that you can compare your data with your own industry.

Submitting data

You can submit the data via a secure internet connection. To access the internet questionnaire, go to The user name and password are given in the letter you received. Have you lost the login codes? Request new log-in codes here. Request new login codes here.

Please note that the web browser 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' is no longer supported. We therefore ask you to submit the data via Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or a different web browser.

Coronavirus support and recovery package and IFRS-16

If you used the government's coronavirus support and recovery package, this may affect how you complete the questionnaire. Click on the following link for more information: Gevolgen steun- en herstelpakket (only in Dutch).

Click on the following link if you want more information on IFRS-16: IFRS-16 (Only in Dutch).

Survey results

The results of the Annual Production Statistics are available per industry. This is published under Branche-informatie (Only in Dutch).



For general questions about this survey, please contact: CBS Contact Center.