Annual Statistics (RGS)

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Data on the production, personnel and corporate finance of companies in the Netherlands are essential in order to understand how different industries and the national economy are developing. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) is responsible for the publication of figures based on such data. To publish these figures, CBS conducts the Annual Statistics survey.

For this survey, we ask both large and small businesses and self-employed people to complete a questionnaire. The results of this survey provide insight into economic growth and are used by business, government and science.

Submitting data

You can submit the data via a secure internet connection. To access the internet questionnaire, go to The user name and password are given in the letter you received. Have you lost the login codes? Request new login codes here

The letter and questionnaire refer to IFRS 16. More information on how to submit data with IFRS 16 can be found on the IFRS 16 page (Only in Dutch). 

Completing the questionnaire automatically 

With the Reference Referentie Grootboekschema (RGS) feature, you can complete parts of the questionnaire automatically. This may require you to adjust some settings in your accounting package. See how this works (in Dutch only).

Survey results

Results of the Annual Statistics are available by industry. This is published under branche-informatie (Only in Dutch). The results can also be found on StatLine:

Questionnaire named reporting year 2023

As from reporting year 2023, the name of the questionnaire will change from 'Production Statistics' to 'Annual Statistics' for all businesses. You may have received a letter/email and questionnaire from us with 'Annual Statistics', in which case the name will remain the same. If you previously received a letter/email and questionnaire named 'Production Statistics', the name 'Annual Statistics' may be new to you. However, the content of the questionnaire is the same.


For questions about this survey, please contact: CBS Contact Center.

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