Q2 2021: sharp turnover rebound for accommodation and food services

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© Nikki van Toorn (CBS)
In the second quarter of this year, turnover (seasonally adjusted) in the accommodation and food services sector rose by 38 percent relative to the previous quarter, as reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The growth was primarily due to the relaxation of the measures against the spread of coronavirus. Relative to Q2 2020, turnover in accommodation and food services increased by almost 53 percent. The sector rebounded strongly in Q2, but is still far from the pre-COVID level. Compared to two years ago, turnover was over 35 percent smaller.

Turnover accommodation and food services (seasonally adjusted)
YearQuarterTurnover (2015=100)
2015Quarter 197.07
2015Quarter 299.49
2015Quarter 3100.33
2015Quarter 4102.77
2016Quarter 1103.61
2016Quarter 2104.18
2016Quarter 3108.19
2016Quarter 4108.31
2017Quarter 1110.54
2017Quarter 2112.58
2017Quarter 3113.93
2017Quarter 4115.50
2018Quarter 1117.82
2018Quarter 2120.80
2018Quarter 3121.08
2018Quarter 4123.52
2019Quarter 1122.61
2019Quarter 2125.01
2019Quarter 3125.75
2019Quarter 4128.10
2020Quarter 1109.7
2020Quarter 253.1
2020Quarter 3109.4
2020Quarter 461.3
2021Quarter 159.0
2021Quarter 281.4

Substantially more turnover for hotels, restaurants and cafés

In Q2 2021, the accommodation services sector, including hotels and holiday homes, achieved 25.4 percent more turnover than in Q1; hotels recorded over 60 percent more . Other accommodation providers including holiday homes and camp sites also gained turnover in Q2, namely 2.8 percent. In Q1, hotels still achieved much less turnover relative to the previous quarter whereas turnover was already up in Q1 2021 for holiday parks.

The food and beverage outlets – including restaurants, cafés and fast food restaurants – achieved 42.6 percent more turnover in Q2 than in the previous quarter. Here, too, major differences are seen. Café turnover increased most strongly at 156.1 percent; restaurants recorded 70.9 percent more turnover. Both benefited greatly from the relaxation of measures. Turnover was up by 14.7 percent for fast food restaurants and by 8.4 percent for canteens and catering establishments.

Turnover accommodation and food services (seasonally adjusted), Q2 2021
 change (quarter-on-quarter % change)
Accommodation services (total)25.4
Other accommodation services2.8
Food and beverages services (total)42.6
Fast-food restaurants14.7
Canteens and catering8.4

Accommodation and food services turnover up by over 50 percent year-on-year; still far from former levels

In Q2 2021, turnover in accommodation and food services was 52.6 percent up on the same quarter of 2020. However, it was over 35 percent smaller relative to Q2 2019. Pre-COVID levels are still a long way off.

Relative to Q2 2020, the turnover increase was most substantial for hotels at 82.2 percent, although this was still 61.8 percent lower than in the same quarter two years previously (before the coronavirus pandemic). Of all industry groups in the accommodation and food services sector, hotels also remained furthest from their pre-COVID levels. However, the turnover of other accommodation services such as holiday parks has returned to the level of two years ago. Holiday accommodation rental companies and camping sites not only recorded a turnover increase of 74.3 percent compared to Q2 2020, but also a small increase of 0.3 percent on Q2 2019.

Likewise, year-on-year turnover gains were high at restaurants (56.5 percent), cafés (48.8 percent), fast food restaurants (37.7 percent), and canteens and catering establishments (35.1 percent); but similar to hotels, food and beverage services still lagged behind the level of two years ago. Only fast food restaurants, e.g. snack bars and cafeterias, kept turnover losses relative to two years ago fairly limited.

Turnover accommodation and food services, Q2 2021
 Compared to Q2 2020Compared to Q2 2019
Accommodation and food services (total)52.6-35.3
Accommodation services (total)78.3-45.8
Other accommodation services74.30.3
Food and beverages services (total)45.7-30.8
Fast-food restaurants37.7-2.4
Canteens and catering35.1-37.9