Corrections and revisions

This page contains information about adjustments of figures published in StatLine.

The adjustments can consist of correction of errors or revisions based on improved methods of research or calculation. Adjustments that are part of a regular scheme of publication are not listed on this page.

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Date Publication Reason

Growth accounts; national accounts

The values in million euro of production, intermediate consumption, energy, materials, services and total input KLEMS have been added for reporting year 2015.
Frequency: yearly, period: 1995-2019


Government balance sheet; assets and liabilities

In the context of the revision policy of the National accounts the annual figures from 1995 of the financial accounts of general government have been revised.
Frequency: yearly, period: 1995 - 2019


Non-financial balance sheets; national accounts

Previous data for 1995 have been corrected. Data for oil and gas reserves for this year were incorrectly set at 0. This also led to incorrect data for the total non-financial assets. The corrections concern the following: 1995 Oil and gas reserves: opening balance sheet, revaluation, other changes in volume, closing balance sheet, volume-index. 1995 Total non-financial assets: opening balance sheet, revaluation, other changes in volume, closing balance sheet, volume-index.
Frequency: yearly, period: 1995-2019


Business survey Netherlands; quarterly, to sector/branches

The results for the branche 19-22 Refineries and chemistry for the third quarter of 2019 were not correct. These are revised in this version.
Frequency: quarterly, period: 1e kwartaal 2012 - 3e kwartaal 2020


Environment costs and -expenditure; enterprises > 10 employees; key figures

The topic ‘Received environmental transfers’ for 2016 was not reliable enough. The figure has therefore been removed and replaced by a period.
Frequency: yearly, period: 2012-2019*


Mortality; key figures

The standardized mortality figure for total men and women in 2012 has been corrected. The figure was incorrectly taken from the system. The correction does not affect the other figures in the table.
Frequency: yearly, period: 1950 - 2019


Structure national net lending/borrowing; National Accounts

Following revision policy, 2018 (final) and 2019 (preliminary) data are updated, and time series of the financial account and balances are revised (annual revision).
Frequency: yearly, period: 1995-2019


International trade and transit trade; value, weight, goods, transport mode

In the previous version of this table, the unit "million euro" for the value and "million kg" for the weight was incorrectly included. This has now been converted to "1000 euros" and "1000 kg". In terms of figures nothing has been adjusted in this table.
Frequency: yearly, period: 2007-2019


Traffic performance motor vehicles; kilometres, type of vehicle, territory

Due to a methodological improvement, the figures on delivery van kilometres on Dutch and foreign roads have been adjusted from 2015 onwards.
Frequency: yearly, period: 1990 - 2018


Government; debt guarantees, off-balance PPP, non-performing loans

The figures for 2010-2016 have been corrected. Debt guarantees to several institutional units inside the general government sector were erroneously classified as debt guarantees to other institutions. Furthermore, debt guarantees to public non-financial corporations were erroneously classified as debt guarantees to other institutions. The figures for total one-off guarantees, one-off guarantees to public non-financial corporations and one-off guarantees to other institutions have been corrected accordingly.
Frequency: yearly, period: 2010 - 2018