Green growth

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The government has requested Statistics Netherlands to monitor greening of the Dutch economy in order to evaluate policy in this area. To measure green growth, Statistics Netherlands developed a framework with six themes and 41 policy-relevant indicators.

This web publication is a digital successor to the report "Green growth in the Netherlands 2015", including the current state of affairs for each of the indicators. When clicking on one of the themes displayed in the blue field above, you will find more information about the theme and current state of the underlying indicators.

Strengthening the economy while sustaining society

Green growth aims to stimulate economic growth and development while keeping both quality and quantity of natural resources at a sufficiently high level. In this way, services provided by the environment which are necessary for our well-being will also continue to be delivered in the future. Moreover, green growth is about economic opportunities offered by the transition to a green economy: stimulating investments, competition and innovation that support sustainable growth, leading to new economic opportunities (OECD, 2011).