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15 results for keyword:exporter

Exports radar

The Exports Radar is an instrument to analyse developments in exports of goods.


Most exporting industries not concerned about trade policy

Nearly 59 percent of Dutch exporting manufacturers have indicated they have no concerns about trade policy affecting their export activities in the next 12 months.


Goods exports top 700 billion euros for the first time

In 2022, the value of exported goods was 170.4 billion euros or 30 percent higher than in 2021. Goods imports rose by 182.2 billion euros (37 percent).


International trade; Dutch export specialisation with respect to the EU

Balassa index, share in total exports, exports of Dutch products and re-exports broken down by the Chapters of the Harmonised System.


Entrepreneurs still pessimistic about export position

At the beginning of 2021, Dutch entrepreneurs had a predominantly negative opinion about exports for the fourth consecutive quarter, despite less pessimism among manufacturers compared to the...


Investing abroad and trade relationships

Over half of enterprises outside the service sector with stakes in a foreign business in 2014 also maintained a trade relationship with the country where that business is located.


1/5 of manufacturing exports are carry-along trade

One-fifth of all exports by Dutch manufacturers consist of products that are not self-manufactured, but supplied along with their own products, a phenomenon referred to as carry-along trade.


Internationalisation Monitor 2018, third quarter

This edition of the Internationalisation Monitor focuses on export strategies and revenue models of exporting companies within the Netherlands.


Netherlands fifth-largest asparagus producer in Europe

Asparagus production grew again in 2016, especiallyl in southwest Noord-Brabant and north Limburg.


Machinery most profitable Dutch export product

The Netherlands earned almost 13 bn euros from exports of machinery and machine parts in 2015.


Dutch chocolate exports spreading

The Netherlands exported domestically produced chocolate and semi-finished products worth 2.8 bn euros in 2015.


Africa increasingly important for Dutch exports

Over the period 2008-2014, the share of Dutch goods exported to Africa has grown from 2.6 to 3.3 percent. In 2014, the value of exports to Africa was more than 14.2 billion euros and exceeded the...


Exports account for one third of employment

In 2012, exports of goods and services generated the equivalent of 2.2 million full-time jobs in the Netherlands. This accounts for one third of total employment in the country.


Sustained increase exporters

In 2012, the number of export companies grew by 10 thousand to 126 thousand. It has grown for the third consecutive year.


More and more East European transporters active in the Netherlands

East European – in particular Polish – transport companies are increasingly active in the Netherlands. Within the European Union (EU), the Netherlands is the fifth largest exporter of transport...