Exports Radar

The Exports Radar is an instrument developed by Statistics Netherlands to analyse developments in exports of goods and place them in some sort of context.

Source: Statistics Netherlands
Inside the dotted line: less favourable than average.

Outside the dotted line: more favourable than average.

Exports Radar: circumstances less favourable

Circumstances for Dutch exports in October 2021 were less favourable than in the previous month. Since the publication of the previous Exports Radar, new data have become available for six indicators. Four indicators deteriorated, two improved. Circumstances relevant to Dutch exports are largely determined by developments in the main market for Dutch exports - Germany and the eurozone - and developments in Dutch competitiveness. Although the Radar indicators show a strong correlation with export activity, improved circumstances are not necessarily translated into increased export growth.

The year-on-year growth in German manufacturing output was smaller. Opinions of Dutch and European manufacturers about their foreign orders were less positive. The real effective exchange rate deteriorated. However, producer confidence in Germany and the euro area improved.

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