Exports account for one third of employment

15/04/2014 15:00

In  2012, exports of goods and services generated the equivalent of 2.2 million full-time jobs in the Netherlands. This accounts for one third of total employment in the country. Some 62 percent of these jobs are in the export sector itself, while 38 percent are in the sectors supplying the export sector.

Export sector provides jobs for exporters and suppliers

Most export-related employment is generated by exporting companies themselves. These companies account for employment totalling over 1.3 million full-time equivalents. If, for example, a dairy company produces half of its output for the export market, and the other half for the Dutch market, half the company's jobs (in terms of full-time equivalents) are attributed to the export sector.  In addition, companies supplying goods and services to exporting companies also employ staff as a result of these exports. The metal industry, for example, supplies parts that are used to make products exported by the car industry. Other sectors provide services workers for exporting companies, for example cleaners, security staff or accountants. Supplying companies account for around 800 thousand full-time equivalents of export-related employment.

Employment in the Netherlands, 2012

Employment in the Netherlands, 2012

Most export-related employment in trade sector

The export sector generates half a million full-time jobs in the trade sector. Exports by wholesale companies are partly the reason for this. The wholesale sector exports goods that are produced in other sectors. A large part of re-exports also takes place through wholesalers, which again creates jobs. Trade is also an important supplying sector for exporters in other industry sectors.

Export-related employment in some sectors of industry, 2102

Export-related employment in some sectors of industry, 2102

Jobs in business services and transport also often related to exports

The export sector accounted for nearly half a million full-time jobs in other business services. Many of these jobs are in services provided to other sectors of industry. Temp agencies, for example, place people in agricultural or manufacturing companies, which subsequently export their products. And nearly 300 thousand full-time equivalents in the transport and storage, information and communication sector can be linked to exports. Part of this employment is related to services provided outside the Netherlands. In addition, this sector supports the Dutch export sector by transporting and storing their goods.

Marjolijn Jaarsma and Oscar Lemmers