What do fundamental rights mean for people in the EU?

© Hollandse Hoogte / Ramon van Flymen
Today the report ‘What do fundamental rights mean for people in the EU?’ from the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) will be published. FRA and Statistics Netherlands have worked together on this specific research and Statistics Netherlands took care of the sampling and the weighting.

Short summary of the results:

The survey results provide evidence of strong support for human rights among people in the EU, even though this is not equally shared by all in society, more in specific among the unemployed and those with lower education. To ensure continued support for human rights, it is necessary to inform people in all segments of society about how human rights are important for them – not as abstract concepts, but in relation to their daily lived realities.

The results also stress the need to ensure transparency and reliability of public services, so that people can see that services are provided in an equitable and non-discriminatory way.
At last, the survey also shows that there is a need to further encourage the participation of young people in the ‘traditional’ democratic process.