Internationalisation Monitor 2017, second quarter

In this Internationalisation Monitor, the key focus is on international trade in services. International trade is often associated with goods trade, but services imports and exports are rising rapidly as well. Over the past few years, the share of services exports in total exports has grown from one-fifth to nearly one-quarter.
The Internationalisation Monitor describes trends in internationalisation and their consequences for the Dutch economy and society. It is a quarterly publication as part of CBS’ Globalisation development and publication programme, which is commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The aim of this research on Globalisation is to arrive at new insights in the field of globalisation in order to contribute to practices, policy making and science. At the core of the approach is the integration of a wide range of sources and already available microdata, combined with the application of advanced statistical methods such as I/O analysis. The ensuing results, i.e. newly developed statistics and accompanying analyses, are being published in the Internationalisation Monitor.