National Energy Outlook 2016

Cover National Energy Outlook 2016
The National Energy Outlook (NEV - Nationale Energieverkenning) 2016 outlines the state of the Dutch energy system in an international context.

The NEV describes developments in the Dutch energy system from 2000 to the present, as well as expectations until 2035. This is the third  to be published, with particular attention to the impact of the measures included in the Energy Agreement. The NEV provides the quantitative basis for the  evaluation of the energy Agreement. Moreover, this year also sees the preparation of a policy agenda for the Netherlands, in which the lines are plotted for long-term policy. The NEV takes into account the position of the Netherlands in the north-west European energy market and the international development of energy prices. Energy demand and supply, greenhouse gas emissions, the contribution of energy activities to the national product and employment are all taken into consideration. Hence, the NEV provides an evidence base for political decision-making as well as the public debate on energy.

 In 2015, the share of renewable energy increased from 5.5 to 5.8 percent. Even though the share is expected to grow rapidly during the next few years, it seems likely that the target of 14 percent for the share of renewable energy will not be met by 2020. With an expectation of 68 petajoules, the target to save an additional 100 petajoules of energy will also not be met by 2020. The employment target of adding an extra 90000 working years from 2014 to 2020 is, on the other hand, expected to be achieved.