Overview of additional research per year

Besides the regular statistics programme, CBS also conducts additional statistical research to address specific questions from public authorities. As this research is often incidental, or does not fit into the regular reporting structure, the results are often not made available on Statline. You can consult the surveys via this page, sorted by date. The filter option also allows you to consult previous years. In addition, we offer an overview of additional statistical research arranged by theme. Note that only a limited number of our publications are made available in English.

Overview of customised research per year

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  1. Average energy prices regarding variable contracts
  2. Choice of an Index Method for Consumer Energy Prices
  3. Caribbean Netherlands, population per neighbourhood, 1 January 2022
  4. Households Caribbean Netherlands, 1 January 2022
  5. Energy consumption of selected office buildings, Netherlands, 2019
  6. Type of motor vehicle by fuel type, 2019-2023
  7. Developing a material flow monitor for the Netherlands from national statistical data
  8. Greenhouse gas and natural resource footprints