Environmental sector of the Netherlands

This fact sheet presents an overview of the Dutch environmental goods and services sector in terms of employment, economic growth and value added by the sector. It also gives an impression of the different economic activities related to the environmental sector and their economic contribution.

The environmental sector (environmental goods and services sector, EGSS) consists of companies and institutions that are involved in activities with respect to measuring, preventing, limiting, minimising or correcting environmental damage to water, air and soil as well as problems related to waste, noise and ecosystems. This definition includes 'cleaner technologies' and 'cleaner goods and services' which reduce environmental risk and minimise the use of natural resources and pollution. The definition of the environmental goods and services sector is determined at the European level and it is used by EU countries accordingly.

Economic activities related to renewable energy and energy saving are part of the environmental sector; these activities are also described in the National Energy Outlook.