Sustainability Monitor of the Netherlands 2014

This indicator report is part of the Sustainability Monitor of the Netherlands 2014, and shows which aspects of the quality of life in the Netherlands are doing well from a sustainability perspective and which aspects cause worries for the future.

Sustainability Monitor

At present, Dutch quality of life is high, but this quality is not sustainable for future generations. The resources required to realise this quality of life may cause environmental problems at home and abroad. In the Sustainability monitor of the Netherlands 2014, Statistics Netherlands presents a coherent set of key figures about sustainability, and investigates whether choices made by this generation will lead to continued sustainability in the Netherlands in the future, without being at the expense of the least developed countries in the world. The set of indicators presents a time series for the Netherlands as well as the position of the Netherlands within the European Union.

The Sustainability Monitor of the Netherlands is produced by Statistics Netherlands in cooperation with the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment agency and the Netherlands Institute for Social Research. Statistics Netherlands bears final responsibility for editing this indicator report. Together with the indicator report, the other agencies involved are publishing an exploratory study about ways in which Dutch society can deal more economically with scarce energy sources (Dutch only).