Netherlands Working Conditions Survey

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We are interested to find out about your working conditions and how you perceive them. What are important working conditions for you? How satisfied are you with your job? And which measures do you feel are needed in order to improve your working conditions? Or have you ever had to deal with undesirable behaviour at work?

To find out the answers to such questions, CBS and TNO, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, jointly conduct the Netherlands Working Conditions Survey (NWCS, in Dutch: NEA). In this survey the central theme is quality of work. Key topics are safe and healthy working conditions.

To read the invitation letter in English, click here: Invitation letter NWCS.

How to start the questionnaire

Have you received an invitation to participate in this survey? You can directly go to the NWCS with your user name and password.

Would you first like to know more about this survey? Then read on.

What is the purpose of this survey?

Thanks to the NWCS, we already know more about working conditions in the Netherlands. The Dutch government, employer organisations, trade unions, businesses as well as institutions all use the survey results to improve the quality of working conditions in the Netherlands. In addition, the media will also publish the results of this survey. Your cooperation is therefore important! With your help, policies can be made that are based on accurate information.

Why have I been selected to take part?

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has randomly selected a small number of people from the Policy administration. This register contains data on jobs. We link addresses from the Personal Records Database (BRP) to this data. The BRP contains the names and addresses of all residents of the Netherlands. The addresses of the people we invite are spread throughout the country. Not every resident can be involved in this survey. This means your participation is very important: you represent a large number of other people from your sector.

Your data is safe

CBS handles your data with the utmost care. Your personal data will not be linked to your answers. You can read about how we handle your data on the following web page: Privacy.


With your participation in the NWCS, you can win one of the 25 iPads or VVV gift cards worth € 400 that we are making available. You will see immediately whether you are the lucky winner at the end of the questionnaire. If so, you will be contacted shortly thereafter. The letter you have received from CBS will tell you until when you can participate in the survey.
The winners will be selected at random. This means that specific personal characteristics are not taken into account in the draw.

Do you want to know more about the general reward policy of CBS? Click on: Rewards.


The results of the survey will be made public through various media. Firstly, via the websites CBS and TNO (Dutch only). See the labour situation in the Netherlands through the eyes of the employees who participated in last year's NWCS (Dutch only).

Contact us

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Has someone from CBS visited or called you?

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