Huisbezoeken Caribisch Nederland

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Home Visits Caribbean Netherlands

We regularly ask people to participate in one of our surveys. Some people we ask to participate in a personal interview at home. This way we collect important information about different people. This leads to reliable figures.

On this page you can read how we handle the safety rules on the three islands of the Caribbean Netherlands and what we take into account when we can continue with a home visit.

To read how we operate in the European Netherlands, click on: Home Visits Netherlands (EU).

Bonaire, St. Eustatius, Saba

On the islands of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba we follow the latest rules of the official authorities of the concerning island. Only when it is allowed according to the rules of the official authorities, we will visit you. In this respect, safety comes first!

You can find more information about the safety rules on the three islands on the various websites of the official authorities.


Click on the link for the website of the official authorities of Bonaire: Public Entity Bonaire.

St. Eustatius

Click on the link for the website of the official authorities of St. Eustatius: Statia government.


Click on the link for the website of the official authorities of Saba: Saba government

How do I know for sure that it regards a CBS survey?


CBS will always send a letter first. It is mentioned in this letter for what survey you were invited and what we ask of you. In the letter you can also read where you can ask questions. 


The CBS employee can always provide identification with a card of CBS. Are you not home when the employee visits your home? When nobody of the household is home, the interviewer will try again at a different time.

Contact details

Were you approached to participate in a CBS survey, but do you have questions or do you have doubts? Then contact the CBS. Send an email to or call our office on Bonaire, +599 717 8676. We can be reached by telephone from Monday through Friday between 08:00 and 17:00 o’clock.

Want to know more about doorstep surveys?

Read the article 'Why is participation in CBS survey important' in which a CBS employee explains why we perform doorstep visits.

Twee bouwvakkers bestraten een weg op Bonaire
© Michele Groen van MG Fotografie

a na kas Hulanda Karibense

Regularmente nos ta pidi hende pa partisipá na un di nos investigashonnan. Algun hende nos ta pidi pa partisipá na un entrevista personal na kas. Asina nos ta kolektá informashon importante tokante diferente hende. Esaki ta resultá den sifra konfiabel.

Riba e página aki bo ta lesa kon nos ta trata ku e reglanan di seguridat na e tres islanan hulandes karibense i ku kiko nos ta tene kuenta si ta pèrmití pa un bishita na kas sigui.

Pa lesa kon nos ta traha na Hulanda Karibense, bo por klek riba: Huisbezoeken Nederland (EU).

Boneiru, Sint Eustatius, Saba

Na e islanan Boneiru, Sint Eustatius i Saba nos ta sigui e último reglanan di e gobièrnu di e isla konserní. Solamente si ta pèrmití segun e reglanan di gobièrnu, nos ta bishitá bo. Den esaki seguridat ta para na promé lugá!

Mas informashon tokante e reglanan di seguridat na e tres islanan bo ta haña riba e diferente wèpsaitnan di e gobièrnunan di e tres islanan.


Klek riba e lenk pa e wèpsait di gobièrnu di Boneiru: Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire

Sint Eustatius

Klek riba e lenk pa e wèpsait di gobièrnu di Sint Eustatius: Statia government.


Klek riba e lenk pa e wèpsait di gobièrnu di Saba: Saba government.

Kon mi por sa sigur ku ta trata di un investigashon di CBS?


CBS semper ta manda un karta promé. Den e karta aki tin pará pa kua investigashon a invitá bo i kiko nos ta pidi di bo. Den e karta bo por lesa tambe unda bo por hasi pregunta.


E kolaboradó di CBS semper por legitimá su mes ku e pas di CBS. Bo no ta na kas ora e kolaboradó bini na porta? Si niun hende di e kas no ta na kas e entrevistadó ta purba atrobe na un otro momento.

Datonan di kontakto

A aserká bo pa tuma parti na un investigashon di CBS, pero bo tin pregunta òf bo tin duda? E ora ei tuma kontakto ku CBS. Manda un meil na òf yama nos ofisina na Boneiru na, +599 717 8676. Nos ta alkansabel telefónikamente di djaluna te ku djabièrnè entre 8 ‘or di mainta i 5 ’or di atardi.

Bo ke sa mas tokante entrevista na porta?

Lesa e artíkulo ‘Pakiko partisipashon na un investigashon di CBS ta importante’ kaminda un kolaboradó di CBS ta splika pakiko nos ta pasa na porta.