International Trade in Goods

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) publishes monthly figures on international trade in goods. These figures provide insight into the trade in goods between the Netherlands and other countries. They are of great importance for determining the gross domestic product. In addition, the results indicate an understanding of the competitive position of the Netherlands compared to other countries.

Changes in 2021

With effect from January 2021, Statistics Netherlands is making some changes to the statistical declaration on international commodity trade for Intra Community Dispatches (ICL). The changes only apply to monthly ICL declarations. From January 2021 onward, two new input fields are added: Country of Origin and Partner ID. Furthermore, the current field for Transaction no longer applies in these declarations, and instead a new field for Transaction has to be used, based on a new 2-digit code list. More information can be found in the Manual record lay-out for electronic reporting 2021

Furthermore, from January 2021 onward, the transition period ends after the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Trade with Northern Ireland remains part of the intra-Union trade. Intrastat declarations remain compulsory for trade with Northern Ireland, using country code XI. Trade with the rest of the United Kingdom becomes subject to customs controls, and therefore Intrastat declarations are no longer necessary. For the rest of the United Kingdom, country code XU should be used.

Report data via the online IDEP application

Go to The letter you received included your access codes. If you lost your access codes, please request new codes here.

There are a number of quick guides available:
Logging in and settings
Manual data entry
Importing data; for multiple commodity flows/periods/declarants
Importing data; for one commodity flow and one period
Authorising a third-party declarant
Reporting as a third-party declarant

Data supply with your own software

This way of supplying is mostly interesting for major companies with substantial trade. If you want to supply data with your own administration's software, please look at the Manual Record lay-out for electronic reporting 2021.
This manual has the specifications on how to construct a software program for your statistical reporting on International Trade in Goods. You can upload your records securely to Statistics Netherlands.
In making the program you will make use of code lists.
NB: If you have supplied your data in this way in 2020 and you would like to do so again in 2021, then you need to update the commoditiy codes with the list of commodity codes for 2021. You can do so with the table changes commodity codes for 2021 (XLS).

If you want to supply data with your own software administration about 2020, please refer to the Manual record lay-out for electronic reporting 2020, the code lists, and the changes in commodity codes for 2020 (XLS).


 You can find the results of the research on the theme page on International trade and in the dossier on globalisation.


For general questions about this survey, please contact: CBS Contact Center.