International Trade in Goods



  1. Where do I find the code lists?
  2. Can I get a postponement for sending in the report?
  3. When do I receive a reporting obligation for international trade in goods?
  4. There are no weights on the invoices. How should I determine the weights?
  5. What can I do if I have received an Intra Trade in goods obligation while trading mainly services?
  6. Where can I go with questions about the statistical declaration?
  7. I have received a letter with a reminder that I have not sent in the statistics for a certain period.
  8. How do I report changes that may pertain to my obligation to provide an Intrastat declaration?
  9. How can I pass on changes in address contact?
  10. Are there any changes to my declaration for International Trade in Goods due to Brexit?

Changes from 2022 onwards

  1. What changes in 2022?
  2. What does the field ‘Country of origin’ mean?
  3. What does the field ‘Partner ID’ mean?
  4. Can existing SRL templates till be used in 2022?
  5. Why are there new fields in 2022?
  6. What changes to the field ‘Transaction’?

Delaration module IDEP

  1. Is an explanation for IDEP+ available?
  2. Importing data is aborted because too many records are wrong.
  3. In IDEP+, do I also get a confirmation of receipt after sending?
  4. I would like to report on a quarterly basis, is that possible?
  5. Do I get new login codes every period?
  6. I have lost my password.
  7. I keep getting an error message when logging on.
  8. How can I make an import template in IDEP+?
  9. I have imported the data, but I cannot submit the declaration.
  10. Do I have to install IDEP+?
  11. I submit a statistical declaration every month. Can I also report on a yearly basis?
  12. I also have to report Extra trade. Is this also possible in IDEP+?
  13. I am now using "Standard Record Layout" (SRL). What changes for me?
  14. Can I submit a declaration in IDEP+ using an Apple device?
  15. Can I print my declaration?
  16. Can I create a ICP listing for the tax authorities in IDEP+?

Third party declarant

  1. Will a third party declarant also receive login codes for IDEP+?
  2. Can someone else do the statistical reporting for me?