Importing data in IDEP+

In IDEP+ you can fill in the data manually in declaration, but you can also import the data from your own administration.

For whom is this useful?

- If you have to enter a lot of records per declaration. You can save a lot of time by using the import function.
- If you want to keep collect the data right from the start of the month, you can choose to already enter the data in an Excel file and import the file as soon as the declaration for the reporting period is available in IDEP+.

How does importing the data work?

You need a file with the requested data. We advise you to use Excel for this. To import the data in IDEP+, you need an import template. In IDEP+ you can choose a predefined import template that corresponds with the structure of your file. It is also possible to create your own import template.


Predefined import templates and example files

To make things easier for you, below are example files that you can use in combination with the predefined import templates in IDEP+.
Please note, if you have an obligation for both Arrival/Intra-Community Acquisition (ICV) and Dispatch/Intra-Community Supply (ICL) and have these data in one file, then choose an import template with multiple flows. Otherwise, you can use a template for a single flow.

You can save the example files in a file type of your choice, such as CSV or XLSX.

Intra-EU trade: one flow

Example file Name - import template IDEP+
Intra-EU trade ICL.xlsx - Intra Excel ICL
Intra-EU trade ICV.xlsx - Intra Excel ICV

Intra-EU trade: multiple flows

Example file Name - import template IDEP+
Intra-EU trade.xlsx - Intra Excel

Extra-EU trade: multiple flows

Example file Name - import template IDEP+
Extra-EU trade.xlsx - Extra Excel

Standard Record Layout (SRL)

Submitting via UPLOAD/SRL will no longer be possible as of January 2022. However, it is possible to import your SRL file into IDEP+. For this purpose an Intra SRL template is available. The record description can be found below.

Record description - Name import template IDEP+
Description SRL.pdf - Intra SRL

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