Annual Statistics RGS

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  1. The Tax and Customs Administration asks me for the same information, so why do I still have to complete this questionnaire?
  2. My final annual figures are still not ready and the final deferment date has passed. What is my best course of action?
  3. I have trouble understanding this questionnaire / I find this questionnaire difficult to complete.
  4. I am a franchisee. Why don’t you contact the franchise operation’s head office to obtain the national figures?
  5. My final figures will not be available before the submission deadline.
  6. FAQ for support and recovery packages due to the coronavirus pandemic
  7. My business activities are entirely different to those stated in the questionnaire.
  8. I no longer want to provide this information / I no longer want to be approached.
  9. My company was not active – temporarily or otherwise – during the period covered by the questionnaire (due to bankruptcy, liquidation, acquisition, merger, sale, illness, etc.).
  10. The questionnaire is not applicable to my company’s activities. What should I do?
  11. What do you do with my data?
  12. The online questionnaire is slow to respond. What can I do about this?
  13. Can I have my accountant complete the questionnaire?
  14. How can I notify CBS of a change of address or a change in my contact details?
  15. I am not presented with a screen where I can enter my user number and access code.
  16. I am only a small company/sole proprietor, so why am I being sent this questionnaire?
  17. I have completed and submitted the questionnaire. Why have I been sent a reminder?
  18. I receive questionnaires from CBS but my company’s activities have ceased (due to bankruptcy, liquidation, merger, takeover or sale).
  19. Is my privacy protected?
  20. My business is a holding company or management company. How should I submit my data?
  21. I have lost my login codes.


  1. How can I ensure that the data from my accounts are automatically entered into the questionnaire? (
  2. Can my accounting package automatically enter data into the questionnaire? (
  3. What is RGS?
  4. What is an RGS Bridge Statement?
  5. Are there more frequently asked questions?
  6. What does CBS do with the data in my accounts?
  7. Do I have to use RGS when I complete this questionnaire?
  8. Why aren’t all of the items completed automatically?