Supply of electricity and natural gas via the national grid

What does the survey comprise?


Providing insight in supplies of electricity and natural gas via the national grid to dwellings and companies. For companies this includes supplies via public grid to industrial grids.

Target population

Dwellings and companies based in the Netherlands that receive electricity and natural gas via the national grid.

Statistical unit

The connection to the public electricity or natural gas grid in the Netherlands. For companies there can be more than one connection on an address. These connections are grouped by address, where after a sector of of industry is granted to each address. 

Date/year survey started

Around 2010.



Publication strategy


Provisional figures: 4th quarter of the succeeding year.
Definite figures: 4th quarter of the second succeeding year.


Provisional figures: 1st quarter of the second succeeding year, i.e. provisional figures of 2014 are published the 1st quarter of 2016.
Definite figures: 1st quarter of the second succeeding year, i.e. definite figures of 2014 are published the 1st quarter of 2017.

How is the survey conducted?

Survey type

The clients register of energy distribution companies are the source. These register contain all connections of electricity and natural gas of the national grid. Other registers used are for example the ‘Basis Administratie Woningen’ with all dwellings in the Netherlands, a general business register (ABR) with all companies and their branch and ‘Dataland’, another real estate register. Supplies to dwellings via the national grid are broken down by type of dwelling (apartment, terraced house, corner house, semi-detached house and detached house) and for companies they are broken down by sector of the Standard Industrial Classification 2008 (SIC 2008).

Survey method

The clients register is claimed from the energy distribution companies that transport energy through the national grid. All connections in the Netherlands are included in the clients register.


The electricity and natural gas distribution companies: TenneT as the national electricity distribution company, Gas Transport Services (GTS) as the national natural gas distribution company, the grid of Zebragas, and all regional distribution companies of electricity and natural gas.

Sample size

All electricity and natural gas connections to the Dutch national grid are included.

Checking and correction methods

• The clients register from the network companies are each checked for completeness by comparing the total of the supplies with the total in the electricity balance and natural gas balance of each network company.
• The supplies of electricity and natural gas from all distribution companies together is compared to the total amount of electricity and natural gas distributed through the national grid. The total amount distributed through the national grid is included in the statistics on the national energy balance (a product of Statistics Netherlands) and are based on questionnaires sent to companies responsible for production, imports and exports of electricity and natural gas.


Not applicable.

Quality of the results


For dwellings the figures for the most recent year are provisional. For companies the figures are provisional for two reasons:
1. The figures have yet to be incorporated into the electricity balance, respectively into the natural gas balance of the Netherlands. In this balance the supplies via the national grid of sector F to U are not visible separately, but are well processed. When the new figures are processed in the balance sheets, it may lead to adjustments.
2. When figures for a new year became available, further plausibility checks performed on year to year developments. Finally, last year figures are made definite.

Provisional and final figures are reported in mln kWh (electricity) and mln m3 (natural gas).

Quality strategy

See section on checking and correction methods.