Owner-occupiers Housing Expenditures, costs to acquire and own, 2015=100

What does the survey comprise?


The OOH measures price developments in the acquisition and ownership of a dwelling, classified by various categories of expenditure.

Target population

Expenditures made by private owners of owner-occupied dwellings. That is, costs incurred to obtain a property (that is new to the household sector) and costs associated with owning a home. Costs that also concern private renters, such as contents insurance and minor maintenance, are not included.

Statistical unit

All costs that private property owners incur for acquiring and owning a home.

Date/year survey started

The data is available from 2010.



Publication strategy

The figures will be published approximately 3 months after the reporting month.
These are one-quarter provisional figures; the sub-series ‘Acquisition formally rented dwelling’ and ‘Structural costs: insurance’ are definitive directly.

How is the survey conducted?

Survey type

This price index is a compilation of price indices that jointly measure the cost development for private dwelling owners. The index is intended to complement the European harmonised consumer price index (HICP: Harmonised Index for Consumer Prices). The cost development for private owners is (currently) not included in the HICP. The calculation and monitoring method is different for each underlying sub-series. The methods of the sub-series are explained in the method description underneath.

Survey method

The underlying series are observed in different ways. For some categories of expenditure, existing statistics are used, while for others a new observation is set up. The survey methods are explained per sub-series in the extensive method description underneath.


Each series has other respondents. Sources are among others the land registry, companies (sellers of newly built dwellings), the Dutch Association of insurers and existing CBS-statistics such as the Consumer price index, Services price index and the Producer price index.

Sample size

The data for this statistic originate from various sources with other types of respondents. Therefore, the sample size cannot be determined.