Final consumption of households; monthly figures

What does the survey comprise


The survey provides monthly information about developments in value, and (corrected for differences in the number of shopping days) volumes of consumption of households in the Netherlands.


This survey describes the expenditures of households with companies, organizations and nonprofit institutions serving households (NPISH) that supply goods and services to households.

Starting year of the survey

The series with reference year 2015 starts in January 2000.



Publication strategy

The figures are published 6 to 7 weeks after the end of the month under review (provisional figures). The monthly figures are consistent with the figures of consumption of households published in the quarterly National Accounts. This means that the monthly figures are provisional until the quarterly National Accounts figures become definite.

How is the survey conducted?

Main sources

The results of many other statistics are used to calculate monthly macro-economic consumption figures, e.g. statistics on turnover in the retail trade and in services, the consumer price index and energy use statistics.

Method of compilation

No direct data collection; only indirect sources are used to compile data. Collecting results of other statistical sources. These results are linked to goods and services distinguished within household consumption and by means of a weighting procedure consumption aggregates are calculated.

Checking and correction methods

Figures are adjusted to the quarterly national accounts. Following every quarter, Statistics Netherlands reviews whether the first published figures of the monthly indicator tally with the results in the quarterly national accounts. Evidently, the various sources used have their own plausibility checks.

Shopping days correction

The volume figures are corrected for differences in the number of shopping days. The method corrects for differences in the composition of calendar days within a reference period, national holidays and leap days. This correction allows for better comparisons in time.

Quality of the results


This figures provide quick information about the monthly development of household consumption. The first results usually correspond very well with the quarterly national accounts. However, in the first months after the first publication figures can be adjusted to new information that comes available. After a few months, these adjustments become less substantial.


The figures are comparable over time.


A complete benchmark revision of the National Accounts is carried out once every five years. During a benchmark revision new levels are determined for all national account transactions and new data sources and calculation methods are introduced. In line with this, the monthly household consumption figures are also revised. The most recent benchmark revision concerned the reference year 2015.