Energy and water, Caribbean Netherlands

What does the survey comprise?


Publishing figures about the electricity generated and distributed (including power cuts) on the three islands of Caribbean Netherlands and the production and distribution of mains water and an index figure on oil storage for Bonaire. This statistic is carried out because the islands of Caribbean Netherlands have the status of public body of the Netherlands since 10 October 2010.

Target population

Energy and water companies on the islands of Caribbean Netherlands.

Statistical unit


Start of survey



Frequency of publishing is annual. 

Publication strategy

All figures for a certain year become definite not later than in the following December.

How is the survey conducted?

Survey type

Integral survey of the target population.

Survey method

Annual questionnaire.


Energy and water companies.

Sample size

Not applicable.

Checking and correction methods

Individual and aggregated figures get a plausibility check by comparing them with previous periods.

Quality of the results


Electricity figures are reported in million kWh, water figures have been reported in 1,000 m3.

Sequential comparability

Figures before 2010 are collected by Central Bureau for Statistics of the Netherlands Antilles.

Quality strategy

See checking and correction methods.