Container size class

Size of a container in 'feet'
The main sizes of containers are:
a) 20 Foot ISO container (length of 20 feet and width of 8 feet)
b) 40 Foot ISO container (length of 40 feet and width of 8 feet.
c) ISO container over 20 feet and under 40 feet of length
d) ISO container over 40 foot long;
e) Super high cube container (oversize container)
f) Air container (container conforming to standards laid down for air transportation).
Containers are normally 8 foot height but other heights also exist.
High cube containers are containers with a height of 9.5 foot.
Super high cube containers are containers exceeding the ISO dimensions. They include container lengths of 45 foot, 48 foot and 53 foot.
Containers with sizes classified under a) to e) are referred to as large containers.