RAMON - Eurostat's meta server

Eurostat has launched a new version of RAMON, the server for international statistical classifications.

The main improvements in this new tool are:

  1. RAMON II makes use of the Unicode character set, which enables the display of character sets in multiple languages used throughout the EU. For example, NACE Rev. 1.1 and the CPA 2002 are now available in the 20 official languages of the EU.
  2. The number of characteristics associated with code is now infinite. In the previous version of RAMON, the only characterisitics which were associated with a code were "Code", "Description" and "Explanatory notes". In the new version, the database can even include images, e.g. for the Combined Nomenclature explanatory notes.
  3. RAMON II hosts different types of metadata; not only classifications but also concepts and definitions, EU legislation and methodological manuals. These can be found via quicklinks including "Concepts and Definitions Database" (corresponding with the existing CODED server and other online glossaries), "EU legal acts relating to statistics" for statistical legislation and "Methodological manuals relating to statistics" for methodology.
  4. RAMON II also enables creation of multidimensional classifications with up to four dimensions.

The new version of RAMON is not yet fully operational and many datasets are still being added to the database. In case you urgently require a dataset which was available in the previous version, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Danny Delcambre (danny.delcambre@cec.eu.int), who will forward it to you by email.

Old URLs to data within RAMON have become broken links. You are advised to check and redirect the URLs where applicable.