Supplemental survey: Consumer confidence hardly changed

© Hollandse Hoogte / ANP
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) conducts its consumer confidence surveys twice monthly instead of once until June inclusive. This is the final supplemental survey.

In the regular survey, most of the observations are conducted in the first half of the month. The supplemental survey is conducted over the second half of the month and is intended to provide interim indications of the progression of consumer confidence and its underlying component indicators. The supplemental measurement indicates that consumer confidence hardly changed throughout the month of June.

In June, consumer confidence stood at -27. In the supplemental survey, the indicator stood at -26 in the second half of the month. This is due to a less negative willingness to buy. Consumers’ opinions on the economic situation have remained the same.

Consumers’ willingness improves

Consumer willingness to buy has increased from -11 to -8. Consumers are less negative about their financial situation in the next twelve months and find this time less unfavourable to make large purchases as during the regular survey. However, their opinions about their financial situation over the past twelve months are somewhat less positive. 

Opinions on the economic climate unchanged

Opinions on the economic situation have not changed compared to the regular survey over June. The economic climate component indicator remains at -52. Opinions on the economic climate over the past twelve months have deteriorated further while opinions about the next twelve months have improved.

The supplemental measurements are expressly not intended as a replacement for the regular statistics and are also not part of the regular series. The next publication of consumer confidence survey results will be regular and takes place on 22 July 2020.