Exports down by almost 1 percent in June

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports that the total volume of goods exports fell by 0.7 percent in June relative to June 2017. Exports fell for the first time in over four years. This is partly due to the strong growth in June 2017, when exports reached a relatively high level. In June 2018, exports of petroleum, metal and chemical products decreased most notably. The volume of imports was 2.5 percent up on June 2017.

The CBS Exports Radar indicates that circumstances for exports in August are, on balance, the same as in June.

Exports of goods (volume, adjusted for working days) (year-on-year % change)
2014 J3.6
2014 A0.7
2014 S6.3
2014 O3.3
2014 N3
2014 D6
2015 J7.7
2015 F5.2
2015 M4
2015 A5.9
2015 M6.2
2015 J5.2
2015 J5.9
2015 A7.2
2015 S4
2015 O6.2
2015 N4.9
2015 D4.5
2016 J4.7
2016 F4
2016 M5.9
2016 A6
2016 M7.1
2016 J4.6
2016 J3.5
2016 A4.1
2016 S5.6
2016 O4.5
2016 N5.4
2016 D6.2
2017 J3
2017 F6.4
2017 M8.1
2017 A2.9
2017 M3.1
2017 J10.7
2017 J7.5
2017 A6.9
2017 S7.5
2017 O4.8
2017 N9.1
2017 D6.1
2018 J5.4
2018 F3
2018 M2.1
2018 A7.3
2018 M4.6
2018 J-0.7

Circumstances for Dutch exports in August the same as in June

Every month, CBS also publishes updates on the circumstances for exports in the Exports Radar. Conditions are strongly affected by recent developments on the main export markets for Dutch products and by the competitive position of the Netherlands. Although the Radar indicators show a strong correlation with export activity, improved circumstances are not necessarily translated into increased export growth.

According to The CBS Exports Radar, circumstances for Dutch exports in August are, on balance, the same as in June. In August, the development of the real effective exchange rate was more favourable than in June’s radar, but German and European producer confidence was less positive.

Goods exports account for approximately three-quarters of total exports. As for data on exports of services, these are not published monthly. Data on total exports are published quarterly and annually. The figures reported in this publication are provisional and may be adjusted.

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